Virginia City 100 – 50th Anniversary


  • 1968-2016 Total Completions = 1,942
  • 1968-2016 Total Riders = 940

1968 Ride

October 5th, 1968 marked the inaugural Virginia City 100 ride, known at its onset as the Nevada All-State Trail Ride, 100 Mile – One Day. Cliff Lewis and Dean Hubbard approached Nick Mansfield who hosted the start and finish of the Ride at his 102 Ranch in Sparks, NV. They wanted to make sure that the trail included all the great features of the area. The ride ended up being way over 100 miles – and there was a also lunar eclipse.

33 riders started, with 11 finishers – and 2 more finishers over the 24 hour limit. Horses had to carry a minimum of 150 lbs. Shannon Yewell Weil and Cliff Lewis finished first with the same time – 19 hours 41 minutes (minus the three hours of vet holds, for a 16:41 riding time). The ride chart shows that the two overtime riders – Shirley Wheeler and Mark Steen – received buckles.

The original finishing chart can be found here, along with photos from the ride that year.

2017 Ride

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship donations are gladly accepted in both product or monetary support, or any combination thereof. Product donations must be approved by Ride Management. We currently have a Facebook reach of 500+ unique individuals and similar statistics on the website. We are anticipating 60-75 riders for this year’s 50th Annual 100-mile Event on September 16, 2017 with many additional crews, volunteers and spectators. Funds will be used for necessary trail improvements, event overhead and ride promotion. Nevada All-State Trail Riders is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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