Virginia City 100 – 2020s


The 2020 Virginia City 100 Ride was cancelled due to the horrendous smoke from wildfires and resulting AQI of 150+


2021 Virginia City 100 Winners 


Nicole (Chappell) Wertz riding
All For You (Tinga) –
13 year old Arabian mare –
Riding Time 13:19
Photo: Nicole Wertz


2021 Virginia City 100 Best Condition Winners


2021 Triple Crown Winners


Ryder Bowling riding
PSR Karahty Kid –
15 year old Arabian gelding –
Riding Time 16:52



The 2022 Virginia City 100 Ride was cancelled due to air quality from the Mosquito Fire. The Red Rock Rumble ride in October hosted the final leg of the NASTR Challenge series in its place.


2022 RRR 100 Winners


Suzanne Ford-Huff riding
Photo: Bill Gore


2022 RRR 100 Best Condition Winners 


Kassandra DiMaggio riding
WT Bezarif
Photo: Bill Gore


2022 Triple Crown Winners 


Jax Beloberk riding
Golly Brae Brae –
Total Riding Time 41:11
Photo: Bill Gore