NASTR Ride 30/50/75
June 10, 2023

The NASTR Ride is the second ride in the NASTR Challenge Series. Whether you are aiming for the limited distance Hat Trick, completing all the 50s for the Trifecta, or taking on the challenge of the Triple Crown, we will see you there!

For the 2022 season, the location of the NASTR ride and NV Derby was reversed, with NASTR using Washoe Lake State Park and the Derby moving out to the Scout Camp venue.

The trail will be of moderate difficulty. Pads and /or boots are recommended! The desert terrain varies from rocky to sandy with steep uphill and downhill, some trails, some cross country and jeep roads. Elevation varies from 4600′ to 7500’. The 50 mile ride will offer Triple Crown riders an opportunity to see some of the Virginia City 100 mile ride course. The 50 mile ride will consist of three loops, each returning to camp for control vet checks. The 25 mile ride will consist of two loops, which offer the horse and rider a moderate challenge, while enjoying the beautiful views from the mountain tops and the beaches of Washoe Lake.

Washoe Lake State Equestrian Park is located between Reno and Carson City Nevada at 4855 Eastlake Blvd, New Washoe City. Due to the State Park fee schedule your overnight camping fees ARE NOT included in the entry fee. Your day use fee is covered by Ride Management. You will need to pay your camping fee upon arrival to the park, at the fee booth. A $10.00 per vehicle per night is required. NV Residents with annual parking permits are covered for day use only. Camp space is limited, please park as comfortably close as possible. Please don’t drive over the sagebrush. Restrooms, portable toilets and showers will be available. Horse water will be available. Please bring water for human consumption. The elevation is over 5000’ come prepared for any type of weather. Portable corrals should be placed outside the post barriers to better utilize vehicle parking space, please watch out for the drip system also. It is recommended that you leave your dog home, but if you do bring them, they MUST be on a leash at ALL TIMES (see Ride Rules) Ride camp opens on Thursday.

Traveling South from Reno on I580 (US 395 S) take exit 44 and turn left onto Eastlake Blvd, approx. 3 miles is the entrance to the park on the left and it will be marked with ribbon. From Carson City, take I580/US395N to Exit 44 and turn right on Eastlake Blvd. and proceed to the park entrance on the left. Turn right after you have paid at the booth and proceed to the equestrian area.

2024 will mark the 40th anniversary of the NASTR ride.