Climbing on Loop 2

53rd Annual VIRGINIA CITY 100 Mile in One Day Ride
and the 1st EVER Really Rocky Rumble 25 & 50 Mile Rides
October 16, 2021

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The Trail

The Virginia City 100 consists of three loops (51, 25, 24 miles), each returning to base camp in Virginia City. There will be an outlying vet checks on the first and last loop, with TWO one hour hold vet checks at base camp. Crews will have easy access to meet riders along the trail. The trail covers hard pack and rocky terrain on historical wagon (now jeep) roads with some sandy single-track footing and several mountain climbs. There is also pavement through town and across highways. Riders are responsible for their own safety while crossing paved roads. We do advise the use of pads and/or boots. Elevations range between 5,000 and 7,800 feet. Each loop will be marked with a different color of ribbon, along with chalk and glow sticks (after dark). Water & hay will be provided at several points on the trail and at the two outlying vet checks.

The 100-Mile Ride will start in front of the Delta Saloon at 5:00 a.m., Saturday. Allow yourself time to get from camp to the Delta by 5:00 a.m. (approximately 20 minutes). There will be a controlled start out of town.

The Really Rocky Rumble 50 will use the same first 51-mile loop which will include TWO out vetchecks at Kivett Lane and Washoe State Park. Ride Management is available to transport crew bags to those locations.

The Really Rocky Rumble 25 will use the second 25 mile loop of the VC100 which will include ONE out vetcheck at Jumbo/Ophir Grade. Ride Management is available to transport a crew bag to that location but plenty of horse and people snacks, food, water and mash will already be provided so a crew bag isn't really necessary.

Base Camp

Will be the Virginia City Arena & Fairgrounds at 458 F Street, Virginia City, NV

Parking will be on a dirt and gravel lot. There will be VERY limited room for portable corrals. The camp site will be open from Thursday evening to Sunday evening. Horse water will be available.

COME PREPARED, the elevation of Virginia City is over 6,000 feet and can get cold at night. The comforts of motels and restaurants can be found, as well as shopping and sightseeing within walking distance of base camp.

Directions to Base Camp

Virginia City Fairgrounds, 458 F Street, Virginia City, NV

From Reno take I-580 S/US-395 S. Take the US-395 S exit (Exit 57B) toward Virginia City/Carson City/So. Lake Tahoe. Merge onto US-395 Alt S/S. Virginia St. Turn left on to Geiger Grade/NV-341 to Virginia City. Drive through downtown Virginia City towards Gold Hill. Turn left on the 341 Truck Route to Carson City (before heading down the hill). Make a sharp left onto F Street and follow for approximately two blocks. Immediately after you cross the train tracks make a left into the Fairgrounds. Watch for ribbons.

From Carson City take Hwy. 50 East to NV-341, follow the truck route to the right. BEFORE you reach Virginia City turn left onto F Street and follow for approximately two blocks. Immediately after you cross the train tracks make a left into the Fairgrounds. Watch for ribbons. There is horse water and porta potties on site.

Entry Fees

NASTR Series Nomination (Triple Crown, NASTR Trifecta and Hat Trick): $25. This is your last chance to sign up for one of these series awards!

Virginia City 100: $220. Riders who finish will receive a sweatshirt and completion certificate. A progressive silver overlay belt buckle OR sterling silver bracelet can be purchased pre-ride for $120.00 or post-completion for $180.00. If purchased pre-ride, and the rider does not complete, the fee is donated to the Club. An upgrade to a full sterling silver belt buckle is available post ride for an additional fee (market pricing for the full sterling, TBD).

VC100 - Junior riders: $195. Entry includes a completion jacket AND the progressive silver overlay belt buckle or sterling silver bracelet. This fee is less than the actual cost of awards, so juniors are basically riding for free.

Really Rocky Rumble events: $150 (50 miles)/$135 (25 miles). Your entry fee includes a long sleeve T-shirt as the completion award as well as one meal ticket.

There is a $30.00 late fee charged for entries received after October 1st. There is a $50.00 return check fee. Full refunds will be paid for cancellations received by Friday, October 8th. A refund beyond that date will be processed minus a $35.00 administrative fee. There is a $15 Non-AERC member fee.


Jamie Kerr, DVM will be serving as Head Veterinarian, with Susan McCartney, DVM, Marcia Smith, DVM, Walt Mandeville, DVM and Hannah Leventhal, DVM assisting. Dr. Hannah Leventhal, DVM will be our treatment vet. There will be a pre-ride veterinary inspection on Friday, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (as soon as the vets arrive).

Best Condition Judging for the 100-Mile Ride will be held in camp at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Best Condition Judging for the 25 & 50 Mile Rides will be held in camp at one-hour post completion.


The ride is sanctioned by American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), and AERC rules apply. See additional ride rules below.

Pre-Ride Meeting

will be held on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Ice House at 95 Toll Road. Please plan to attend to get any updated information. All information will be included in your rider packets and emailed in advance. Riders are responsible for reading all pre-ride information and having any applicable questions answered.


Following the pre-ride meeting at the Ice House, we will have a fun-filled Calcutta. Payoffs will be given to buyers of the top three rider placing in each division and are announced at the awards banquet. BRING LOTS OF MONEY! :-) EACH AND EVERY RIDER IN THE VIRGINIA CITY 100 WILL BE AUCTIONED! Your favorite horse and rider team may pay off for you! Payback is 90%, 10% goes to NASTR!


All meals—except the Taco Truck—will be served at the Ice House at 95 Toll Road.

Photographer Rene Baylor will be smoking up a wonderful meal for us Friday evening and the NASTR Club will be hosting the Bar. We will have our wonderful Taco Truck in camp on Saturday afternoon and evening with food available for purchase. Expect the same great Nevada hospitality as usual at the Jumbo / Ophir Grade water stop and the Cottonwoods vet check.

Awards Banquet: A steak and egg breakfast put on by the Storey County Jeep Posse will be served Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. Riders receive one meal ticket for EITHER Friday or Sunday with their entry. Additional tickets may be purchased for $15.00 adults and $7.00 children. Please pre-purchase additional tickets with entry (BEST OPTION) as quantity at ride is limited due to headcount provided to Jeep Posse in advance.


For the Virginia City 100 the Awards Presentation, Triple Crown, and Calcutta results will take place Sunday morning at 10 AM at the Ice House.

All riders completing the Virginia City 100 will receive a completion certificate and jacket. The Nevada All-State Trail Riders progressive silver overlay completion buckle or sterling silver bracelet will be available for an additional fee. It is personally engraved and mailed out about 8 weeks post-ride (early December). You may upgrade to a sterling silver buckle for an additional cost. Upgrades, payments, and changes must be taken Sunday morning before the awards.

Overall Winner, Top Ten, Weight Division, and Junior Awards will also be given. A sculpture of the Best Condition horse will be hand crafted by Michaele Tristram, NASTR member and local artist.

VC100 - 500/1,000 Mile Horses: Horses completing the ride five times will receive a 500-mile halter. Also, horses completing the ride ten times will receive a 1,000-mile blanket.

VC100 - 1,000 Mile Buckle Recipients will receive a complimentary sterling silver buckle upgrade. YOU EARNED IT!

For the Really Rocky Rumble the awards will be held at the Fairgrounds and will be conducted on Saturday post-ride.

NASTR Triple Crown: All finishers of the three NASTR rides (Nevada Derby 50, NASTR 75, and Virginia City 100) will receive a special award. Champion, Reserve Champion and Junior blankets will be given to the same horse and rider team.

NASTR Trifecta - NASTR 50-Mile Rides (Nevada Derby 50, NASTR 50 and Really Rocky Rumble 50): Embroidered jackets will be awarded to all horse and rider teams who finish all three rides (same horse and same rider). Embroidered vests will be awarded to any rider who completes all three rides on different horses. Embroidered hay bags will be awarded for individual horse who completes the series with multiple riders.

NASTR Hat Trick - NASTR LD Rides (Nevada Derby 25, NASTR 30 and Really Rocky Rumble 25): Embroidered jackets will be awarded to all horse and rider teams who finish all three rides (same horse and same rider). Embroidered vests will be awarded to any riderwho completes all three rides on different horses. Embroidered hay bags will be awarded for individual horse who completes the series with multiple riders.

Ride Rules

  • The Virginia City 100 and Really Rocky Rumble are open to all persons and any breed or type of equine. Senior riders are persons over 16 years of age by December 1st of the competition year.
  • A Junior is a rider under the age of 16 as of December 1st of the year of competition. All Junior riders must be accompanied by a Senior rider sponsor, 18 years of age or older at all times and must finish within one minute of that sponsor. The sponsor must agree to remain with the Junior throughout the ride. If the sponsor is eliminated during the ride, the Junior may continue with another willing sponsor upon notification to ride officials. Notification shall be made before the Junior continues to ride. All Juniors are required to wear helmets.
  • There shall be no unauthorized horses on the trail.
  • Horses must be at least 72 months of age, as confirmed by the Ride Vet.
  • Horses must be shod or have some kind of hoof protection.
  • Each horse and rider must cross the finish line within 24 hours elapsed time to qualify for any awards.
  • The same horse and rider must pass all control points and stay on the marked trail to qualify for any awards.
  • There will be NO TIES ALLOWED.
  • Abusive behavior or harassment of ride personnel, veterinarians, riders, crews, or volunteers will not be tolerated, and may be grounds for disqualification or cause for future entry refusal.
  • After crossing the finish line at the Cemetery riders must proceed through town to base camp to complete their mileage. Crewing is permitted, however no vehicles or horse trailers are allowed to transport either rider or horse back to camp.
  • Horses must pass the final veterinary check at base camp within one hour of crossing the finish line.
  • Abuse of the horse and use of stimulants and/or pain killers are prohibited. All horses shall be subject to blood and/or urine tests.
  • Riders / horse owners are responsible for the horse‚Äôs welfare and are financially responsible if emergency veterinary treatment is necessary. You must follow the recommendations of our on-site treatment veterinarian for an emergency matter, or remove your horse from the official ride camp if you are declining treatment.
  • Ride Veterinarians' opinions will be final on all matters concerning the horse.
  • Ride officials' decisions will be final.
  • Violation of any of these ride rules shall be grounds for disqualification of horse and rider from this ride.
  • This endurance ride is sanctioned by the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) and does agree to follow all rules set forth by the AERC. Please see the AERC rule book for further rules and regulations. All non-AERC members must pay an additional $15.00 to the entry fee.

To participate in this event, you must have signed the legal release provided with your entry, stating that:

"I wish to participate in the Nevada All-State Trail Riders event known as the Virginia City 100 Mile Ride or Really Rocky Rumble. I have read the rules, conditions, and regulations of the Ride and agree to comply with them. I am aware that this endurance ride covers difficult terrain, on trails where the footing for horses may be unsure, and will include highway crossing hazards. I further acknowledge that competitive or "endurance" horse riding over considerable distances contains inherent risks of injury and damage to me personally, to my horse, and my equipment. Knowing these facts, I, nevertheless, in consideration of your accepting this entry, do hereby for myself, heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release the above named ride, and all other persons, organizations, and agencies, regardless of their capacity in any way connected with the above named ride, or their representatives, heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns from any and all right, claim or liability for damages, or for any and all injuries that may be sustained by me, including injuries to animals, or from any and all claims of any kind or nature that I might have. Further, I do hereby acknowledge that said release will extend to any accidents, damages, or claims arising out of my entry, caused by my own acts or anyone or any animals within my control. I do acknowledge that I read the foregoing paragraphs, and know and understand the contents thereof."