Washoe Lake
Latest NASTR News:

2017 Marks the 50th Anniversary of the Virginia City 100 Ride!

We will have more details about special activities over the coming weeks.

Kenny Creech "Fun-Raiser"

Both Red Rock Rumble ride and the NEDA/NASTR Joint “Fun-Raiser” were a great success in raising money to go towards assisting Kenny Creech’s rehabilitation from his long term illness and his transition back home. To date, $7,745 has been raised.

Trail Tracks - GPS

Cortney Bloomer is working on putting together a database of trails used to advocate for public lands and access. She plans to make this available to club members. Please send her any trail “tracks” you have GPSed in .KMZ format of any trails.

Ride Managers

This year's NASTR ride managers are:

  • Nevada Derby - Beth Kauffmann
  • NASTR ride - Carolyn Meier
  • Virginia City 100 - Crysta Turnage
  • Red Rock Rumble - Tami Rougeau

Many thanks to Carolyn Meier for stepping in as ride manager at the last moment to ensure that the NASTR ride (and Triple Crown) would not be cancelled. The NASTR ride will again be held at Scout Camp, out by Fort Churchill.

Please support them and come out and volunteer.

2015 AERC Pard'ners Award

NASTR is so proud of our long time member Gina Hall and her fabulous Fire Mt. Destiny, (sired by AERC Hall of fame stallion, Sierra Fadwah) for their outstanding partnership through many years of endurance riding. This will be their 15th year of competition with over 7000 miles, 2100 miles of those completed in one day 100 mile rides. They both represent the epitome of the AERC Pard'ners Award. Thank you to Beth Kauffmann, Kim Mileo and Pam Anderson for presenting the award and surprising Gina at the AERC National Awards Banquet. Congratulations Gina and Destiny, Pard'ners for life!

Photo: Gina and Destiny during the 2007 Virginia City 100 (photo Rene Baylor)

(Pard'ners Award: "Rider and horse perform together as a mutually bonded team. Rider and horse engender a spirit of friendship, enthusiasm and championship that makes those around them glad to have attended the ride. However competitive they may be, good sportsmanship remains their first priority. Horse and rider take care of each other. Together horse and rider personify the prevailing and abiding goal of AERC: "To finish is to win." This award was established in honor of the late Mae Schlegel and her horse Pard. The recipient receives a keepsake plaque and the names of the "pard'ners" are engraved onto a perpetual trophy." )