Washoe Lake

Jax Beloberk and Golly Brae Brae
2022 Triple Crown Champions

Photo: Gore/Baylor

Latest NASTR News:

NV Derby - Saturday April 1st, 2023

Please click for the online Ride Entry.

Note that—as last year—the NV Derby will be held at Scout Camp, located in the Carson River Ranch area of Fort Churchill State Historic Park, Silver Springs, NV. Camp is located approximately 11 miles south of Silver Springs.

All trails will be laid out in a loop configuration, with ONE out vet check. Riders will enjoy scenic canyon climbs, desert washes, natural springs, stock tanks, dry lake terrain over jeep roads, and winding single track trails along the Carson River under the mighty Cottonwood trees. The majority of the footing is sandy however there are some areas of rock and gravel road. The trail is mostly flat with several gradual climbs.

Tahoe Rim 50 Mile Ride - Saturday, July 22, 2023

Congratulations to all who are on the 2023 NASTR Tahoe Rim Ride entry list for July 22, 2023. We had 85 rig entries for the 18 rig spots and have an extensive waitlist. For those that are on the waitlist hang in there - a lot happens throughout the year. Last year we almost ran through our entire wait list, so it could still happen.

Always look for the most updated information on the NASTR Tahoe Rim Ride Facebook Page.

The 2023 NASTR Tahoe Rim Ride Entry List is as follows:

  • Tierney Beloberk, Jax Beloberk, Lyla Bradley
  • Kristine Hartman, Pam Bailie, Becky Spenser
  • Gina Hall, Barbara Hartley, Sheryl Scott
  • Christine Crum, Frank Crum, Vanessa Erickson
  • Kristy Butler, Jessica Huber
  • Andrew Gerhard, Amilia Vandermeer, Samantha Ellis, Lila Reeder
  • Teru Langsdale, Beth Kauffmann, Holly Smith
  • Jill Kilty Newburn, TBD
  • Jessica Middleton, Sheri Clute
  • Pamela Collen, Marc Booth
  • Kerry Redente, Tennessee Lane Blouin, Dave Rabe
  • Kelly Williams Stehman, Mollie Quiroz, Gwen Boland
  • Christina Kramlich, Cassandra Schuler, TBD
  • Teri Miller, Kathie Perry, Faith Jones
  • Chelsea Arnold, Buz Arnold, Jeanette Mero
  • Gayle Pena, Elaine Graitage, TBD
  • Erin McChesney, Dannan Stamper, TBD
  • Jeremy Reynolds, Heather Reynolds, TBD

The waiting list (first 8 only) (we will update as needed):

  • Suzanne Ford Huff
  • Tani Bates
  • Ann Hall
  • Nick Warhol
  • Debby Lyon
  • Carla Eigenauer
  • Ericka Nelson
  • Eve Blumenfeld

Past Club News

Past club news can be found under our NASTR Historical Archives, together with the Virginia City 50th Anniversary web page.