Washoe Lake

Second time VC100 best condition winners,
Peg Murphy-Hackley and KhemChee

Photo: Mikayla Py

Latest NASTR News:

Tahoe Rim Ride 50
July 31, 2021

Click Here for Entry, and Ride Rules and Information

Entry Opens on Tuesday December 1, 2020 (First Come-First Served, based on Postmark)
Any entries postmarked prior to Dec 1 will be added to the Dec 1 entries.)

MINIMUM ENTRY FEE PER RIG IS $350.00 (This covers 2 riders in your rig):

Due to our limited space, we depend on ride-sharing to be able to continue to offer this ride. The minimum fee for a Rig Spot is $350.00 ($175.00 each for two Adult entries). If you do not have (or do not want) an additional rider in your rig, you may pay for the minimum entry fee (for 2 riders) and not bring a second rider with you. Checks will be cashed upon your entry selection. (If you included $350 (two entries) in your package and your “guest’s” entry is also selected, their check will be destroyed.

If your Total Rig Length exceeds 45’ you must get approval from management for that rig. If you are brinding 3 or more riders, length exceptions can be made, but must be approved by management.

Please read the additional information included in the ride rules and info before sending in your entry.

The entry is also available on the Tahoe Rim Ride Facebook page.

2020 in Brief:

  • Virginia City 100 - September 19 - cancelled due to poor air quality (wildfires).
  • Tahoe Rim Ride - July 25 - held with Covid-19 protocols
  • NASTR 30/50/75 Ride - June 13 - postponed... and subsequently cancelled
  • NV Derby - April 6 - cancelled because of public lands restrictions due to Covid-19

Past Club News

Past club news can be found under our NASTR Historical Archives, together with the Virginia City 50th Anniversary web page.