Washoe Lake

Second time VC100 best condition winners,
Peg Murphy-Hackley and KhemChee

Photo: Mikayla Py

Latest NASTR News:

Tahoe Rim Ride (Update - 6/24/2020)

Tahoe Rim Ride (July 25th) has been approved and is going forwards at this time.
However the ride is full.

Virginia City (Update - 6/24/2020)

I have been receiving a lot of interest and questions about the Virginia City 100 Mile Ride (September 19th). This notice is to hopefully address most of those:

  1. YES! We are planning on having the ride! Nevada is now in Phase 2 of reopening and groups of up to 50 people are now permitted. The appropriate paperwork is being compilied and submitted to the AERC Sanctioning Committee in the next few days and we fully expect to receive the Approved status.
  2. YES – There will be a limit on the number of entries. If we're capped at 50 people TOTAL per the State, that means I'm looking at something like 35 riders allowed to participate. The remaining 15 people will be the vets, ride management and volunteers.
  3. NO – The entry is not posted yet and you cannot currently sign up. The entry will be posted on Monday, July 13th. I want to have the approval from AERC first if possible before posting the entry. There are also a few budgetary items I need to confirm before it can be finalized and posted. It will be an online entry form with online payment methods. If you absolutely need to print and mail your entry/payment, then please contact me when the online entry is posted with your relevant data (Rider and Horse name and AERC info) and I will hold your spot for 5 days for you to mail in the entry and payment. The ride entry link will be posted here on the Facebook page and also on the website at NASTR.org
  4. MAYBE – We will offer more than the 100-mile distance. **IF** the State allows larger sized groups by then, I would like to also offer a 50-mile ride in conjunction with the VC100. As of now, I’m sure we will reach the 50 person limit with the 100 mile ride. Depending on the group size allowed, my priority would be: 1) 100-mile riders pre-entered up to the allowed limit, 2) 100-mile riders on wait list who have pre-entered, 3) shorter distance riders

What I really need you RIDERS to start thinking about and planning is how you're going to do this with NO crew.

If we are capped at 50 people total per the state, that means I'm looking at something like 35 riders and 15 volunteers - TOTAL. Yes, we can/will transport crew bags to the Kivett check at 24 miles (45 min hold) and Washoe check at 39 miles (which is only a 15 min hold). Crew is not needed at the Jumbo/Ophir Grade refreshment stop or the Cottonwoods vet check, please expect the same wonderful hospitality as always at those locations. All other checks are in camp (50 and 76 miles).

If you need crew to come to assist with driving before/after the ride, please plan on booking them a room somewhere in Virginia City. If the state limit remains, NO additional people beyond riders and approved volunteers who are on the list will be allowed in Ride Camp.

Crysta Turnage
Ride Manager

NASTR 30/50/75 Ride - June 13, 2020 - Postponed

The NASTR Board voted last night, May 13th, to postpone the NASTR 30/50/75 Mile Ride currently scheduled for June 13th. It is our sincere hope to have this ride at a later date in the summer/fall. We are waiting for the state restrictions on group size to be lifted to allow at least 50 people to coincide with the new AERC guidelines. At this time, we do not foresee any changes for either the Tahoe Rim Ride (July 25th) or the Virginia City 100 (Sept 19th) and are proceeding with those events per schedule.

Rob Klix, RM:
"I will be contacting AERC ... and will get back to everyone once we get a future date to hold this ride. Thank you for your patience and the emails - I hope I answered most of them because there were a lot, so if I missed you, I apologize for that. Thank you."

NV Derby - April 6, 2020 - Cancelled

Sadly, because of restrictions placed on us by public lands due to Covid-19, this ride has been cancelled.

Tahoe Rim Ride 50 Entry
July 25, 2020

Click Here for Entry, and Ride Rules and Information

Entry Opens on December 1, 2019 (First Come-First Served, based on Postmark)
(First official possible post-mark date is Monday Dec 2.
Any entries postmarked prior to Dec 2 will be added to the Dec 2 entries.)


MINIMUM ENTRY FEE PER RIG IS $350.00 (This covers 2 riders in your rig):

Due to our limited space, we depend on ride-sharing to be able to continue to offer this ride. The minimum fee for a Rig Spot is $350.00 ($175.00 each for two Adult entries). If you do not have (or do not want) an additional rider in your rig, you may pay for the minimum entry fee (for 2 riders) and not bring a second rider with you. Checks will be cashed upon your entry selection. (If you included $350 (two entries) in your package and your “guest’s” entry is also selected, their check will be destroyed.

If your Total Rig Length exceeds 45’ you must get approval from management for that rig. If you are brinding 3 or more riders, length exceptions can be made, but must be approved by management.

Please read the additional information included in the ride rules and info before sending in your entry.

The entry is also available on the Tahoe Rim Ride Facebook page.

2019 NASTR Rides/Challenges Results

Here are the final results for:

Congratulations to:

Suzanne Ford-Huff and Ezprezzo (2019 Triple Crown Champions)
Melissa Montgomery and Masterful (2019 Reserve Triple Crown Champions)
Suzanne Ford-Huff and Ezprezzo (2019 Virginia City 100 Winners)
Peg Murphy-Hackley and HE Khem Chee (2019 Virginia City 100 Best Condition)
Erasmo Sauceda and Washoe Zephyr (2019 NASTR 50 Trifecta Winners)
Sam DiMuzio and Apache (2019 NASTR 30 Hat Trick Winners)
Ronda Eden and Kipling (2019 Nevada Silver Rush Winners)

Enjoy photos from VC100 by Mikayla Py, Sanne and Jonathan Steele

Suzanne Ford-Huff and Ezprezzo
Photo: Mikel Ann Hettrick

Past Club News

Past club news can be found under our NASTR Historical Archives, together with the Virginia City 50th Anniversary web page.